Hamilton County Ohio

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office is asking county commissioners for a half-million dollars to expand its house arrest program. Last week, the sheriff’s office announced it would stop releasing prisoners before their term is up in order to save money. The department is still four million dollars over budget. Recent Stories: Change of Plans: Green […]

A Cincinnati Police Sergent is facing on-duty misconduct charges. A Hamilton County grand jury indicted Sergent Jeffrey Brunswick yesterday. Brunswick allegedly helped two robbery suspects avoid prosecution, by using the police department’s criminal database. CLick here to read more, or check out the video above. Recent Stories: Green Township Protests CMHA’s Proposed Low-Income Housing Local […]

Hamilton County commissioners have hired a outside counsel, to prevent the juvenile court judge from hiring a new court administrator. Since the county prosecutor, Joe Deters, has a conflict of interest, the county hired the outside counsel to stop Judge Tracie Hunter from hiring a new court administrator. Hunter says a second administrator is needed […]

Hamilton County‘s sale of Drake Hospital to UC Health could possibly lead to service cuts, layoffs, and higher costs for major county projects. The county has now been put on warning give us some answers fast, or your bond rating could be downgraded. If that happens, it would cost the county more to borrow money […]

The Hamilton County Board of Elections is taking steps to avoid the confusion some voters faced last year. When you go to the polls next Tuesday, you should see new voting signs that direct people to their precinct table. The sign will read, “vote where you live so your vote counts” and specifically directs people […]