We’ve all heard by now that President Barack Obama has decided to intervene in an effort to prevent further detriment and obstacles in Libya, but do you think the proper decision was made? The debate and ongoing discussions continue throughout the start of this week as one writer chimes in on what’s actually happening behind […]

By Hakim Hasan Recently, President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton held a surreal press conference about Obama’s tax bill at the White House briefing room. After making a brief statement, Obama relinquished the podium to Clinton and left to attend a Christmas party. Clinton was left alone to respond to questions.  Obama had […]

Meet Jimmy McMillan, founder and CEO of the "Rent is Too Damn High" Party, live during his debate and campaign for governor of New York.

Take a look at the ongoing efforts to reform our public schools and the debates concerning how to create a better education system across the nation.