Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been a rumoured couple for several years now — but according to reports, the actors are finally ready to go public with their love. A source revealed to Us Weekly that although the couple has been exclusive for years, Katie “used to be super worried about public attention.” The insider […]

Vivica Fox is ready to kick the year off with good vibes, which means letting go of the old, drama filled energy. The actress stopped by the Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday and of course Wendy had to get the tea about Fox’s beef with her ex 50 Cent. But surprisingly, the drama between the stars […]

In this edition of Love Talking, GRIFF explains that he’s hurting because he’s going through a divorce he didn’t want. He asked Iyanla Vanzant about ways to cope and heal himself in the aftermath of this relationship ending. In this touching conversation, Iyanla gives GRIFF both a splash of “cold water” in delivering her answer […]

Questions about relationships, men, and commitment always come up- but the truth is actually pretty simple. One young listener calls up and lays it down…

In the most heart warming news, a suburban New York twosome will celebrate the husband’s 108th birthday today. His wife will make 105 in May.…

A man by the name of Larry Hester, age 66,  has been blind for the last half of his life.  That is until new technology helped Larry get his eye sight back. Watch this inspirational video as Larry sees his wife for he first time in years. RELATED:  Kangaroos Caught Having a Knock Down Drag […]

Stop everything you’re doing and watch this right now. SOURCE Most people would probably be really freaked out if the news anchor on their TV started talking directly to them. Not this couple. “Pumpcast News” is a Tonight Show sketch in which actor Tim Stack, posing as the anchor of a (fake) news show aired at gas […]

Some people are just not meant to be together.  But for some reason they can’t resist each other.  So which couple could we have did without this year?  You vote and let us know who your choice is for worst couple of 2012 Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest […]

Awwww!  America just loves a cute couple!  Whether it’s the cute teenage idols pairing up or the celebrity rebels, if they’re in love so are we!  Vote for your choice for the cutest couple of 2012. Like The Buzz 1230 on Facebook to stay updated with the latest news and original content! RECENT UPDATES- Shooting […]

How soon is too soon to move on from a wayward lover, a tumultuous relationship or the demise of it? Apparently, there is no specific length of time. In fact, for Tiger Woods’ ex Elin Nordegren she’s already moved on. After much public scrutiny and the gossip blogs firing off rumors and such, Nordegren has […]

Insurance companies make a killing from providing a safe guard for people against the everyday casualties of life. There is health insurance, life insurance, car insurance and now you can add divorce insurance to the list of protective services that insurance companies are willing to provide. 

The Secret Service is investigating how a couple aspiring to be reality-show celebrities managed to appear at President Obama’s first state dinner without being on the guest list, provoking questions about security at the White House.