Aretha Franklin

All week long we have been celebrating the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin for everything she gave us!  Watch the homegoing service for our beloved Aretha here:   The Latest:

Aretha Franklin has been ordered to cancel upcoming concert dates. That is what is being reported. Last year Aretha Franklin announced that she was retiring but she is still playing a few dates.  According to Page Six her doctor has ordered her to rest “for at least the next two months”. Click here for more […]

The Queen of Soul will sit down but she says will keep busy after retiring later this year. She will cut down on the frequency of her shows immediately. CLICK HERE for story

*In a fur coat and pom-pom hat supporting her hometown Detroit Lions, Aretha Franklin sat at a piano in Ford Field before her team’s Thanksgiving Day game against the Vikings and delivered what just might be the longest national anthem in history. The song usually takes about 2 minutes to sing. Aretha’s lasted approximately 4 minutes and 35 glorious seconds – as any […]

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Roland Martin recently spoke with Aretha Franklin about the life and legacy of the late, great Muhammad Ali.

Aretha Franklin remembers the first time she met Muhammad Ali, before he was famous. She was preparing for a concert in Los Angeles, and she recalled a man yelling, “I’m the Greatest, I’m the Greatest!” “I was saying, ‘Who is he? Who is this guy?’” she recalled in an interview with The Associated Press on […]

Anthony Hamilton Reflects On The Life Of Prince Anthony Hamilton spoke with Roland Martin during the NewsOne Now Primetime Special: Prince Remembered. Hamilton discussed the influence Prince had on him, saying, “He allowed me to see that you don’t have to stay in anybody’s box or gate, you can blur the lines whenever you feel […]

Oh Yes its another Throwback Thursday and we look deep into the world of Gospel to find this classic inspirational song from Ms Aretha Franklin…Back…

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin is following closely on the heels of Patti LaBelle‘s sweet potato pies success. In addition to donating food and…

After Oprah took to Twitter to share a video detailing how she dropped 26 pounds using Weight Watchers while still eating bread daily, the company’s shares catapulted more than 20 percent, and rose to $13.29 per share.

The Queen of Soul is one of many celebrities who has offered a helping hand to the troubled city. The Queen of Soul’s got a…