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Some of our biggest influences come from Instagram. Whether it’s a stylist who slays hair or a makeup artist who inspires your favorite celeb, we curate our Instagram based on our life’s experiences. Keep your timeline popping with these beauties who give us our fashion, beauty and travel fix.

Black Blogger’s List: 7 Melanin Queens You Need To Follow On The ‘Gram  was originally published on

1. @AllieMcgev

Style & Beauty Blogger

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: My blog and IG page are a place where I share fashion and content that I create for my audience. My audience is made up of mostly women so it’s a constant conversation about fashion, beauty and lifestyle

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I was inspired to create my blog almost 10 years ago. I am someone who has always loved fashion and didn’t see enough women who looked like me represented in the mainstream or when they were, they weren’t reflecting fashion that was on the same level as the “traditional” fashionista. As a plus size black journalist, I found myself often being the “other” in the room and wanted to create content to inspire other women to take those chances or, if they were one of the millions already doing so, to build a community of us that was visible and had a voice

3. What keeps you motivated? My audience keeps me motivated. It started as a place to discuss fashion, which I always loved, but I’ve learned that style as a form of expression is so much bigger than we think. Sometimes we choose our looks based on our mood, blessing or life struggle we are going through and I’ve gotten to speak with so many women about just those things way beyond the physical pieces we wear. My audience has become a huge circle of friends where my DMs are full of conversations about real life with women I wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

2. @GorgeousInGrey

Style & Beauty Blogger

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: My blog is a beauty and lifestyle guide dedicated to inspiring women to embrace their authentic selves. My blog and IG are a reflection of what life can be if you take risks and adopt a fearless personality. Whether you are looking for tips on what red lipstick works best with your skin tone, or how to be happy at that job that kinda sucks–I’m your digital best friend who is prepared to cry, laugh and celebrate with you. I want to help you celebrate who you are wherever you are in your journey!

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I originally started my blog because I wanted to be a beauty editor. I didn’t have a degree so a friend suggested starting a blog and writing the kind of articles I wanted to write. Insert, Gorgeous In Grey. I later got a job at Hello Beautiful. Once I hit the goal of becoming an editor I was still unhappy and unfulfilled. Being an editor required me to write a lot of things I didn’t want to write. So I kept blogging and creating the content I wanted to write and read. My blog kept growing so I kept writing. Eight years later and I’ve gone full time bringing in 6 figures.

3. What keeps you motivated? My fan friends motivate me the most. The daily “you’ve inspired me…” makes me feel like this is my purpose. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

3. @TiffanyMBattle

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: I would describe The Werk! Place as Effortless Excess and a Fresh Breath Of Fun! I love mixing prints and patterns and having fun with my personal style.

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I was inspired to blog by a friend of a friend on a international trip to Barcelona and Rome. She saw my looks during the trip and encouraged me to start a blog.

3. What keeps you motivated? I love the life that I’ve created being an Influencer and I want to keep living this life! I’m able to reach and inspire so many people through my content and I’ve been able to meet so many dope creatives. This world is addictive and I want to continue to be apart of it.

4. @Original_Mangu

Style Blogger

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: I am a blogger who tries to showcase plus-size fashion. I try and advocate that being plus-size does not have to be boring. It’s not about what size you wear – it’s about how you wear your size. That’s what I live by. There is something for everyone – no matter your size.

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? My mum taught me about fashion and I have continued to have a love for it. I opened a page in order to set up a business. It’s been a big learning curve and I had to push myself to get out of my comfort zone.

3. What keeps you motivated? I live and breathe it!! 😂😂😂 I love trying new tends and try and source unique pieces. I don’t want plus-size women to put inside a box – I believe we can be anything we want to be – we can certainly aspire to want to look good.

5. @Ohmy_maya_

Mommy Blogger

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: Well I technically have this account, that I made for Maya, is centered around her life toddler. Hair care, plant based food, and general lifestyle.

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I made this account around the time Maya turned 10mo. I was not on any social media for almost 2 yrs and got tired sending weekly photos to all of our family and friends (we lived in a different state than everyone). IG seemed like the easiest way to share. I kept the page public so that some of my family in Ethiopia could also see her photos without creating their own account. (You can google any IG name + Instagram ie) “ohmy_maya_ Instagram” and see all photos. After a year or so of making Maya’s account, I reactivated my personal account (@bloom_chaka) to follow mom/family- centered pages.

3. What keeps you motivated? The community we have built! I don’t have any “mom friends” where I life currently and this has helped fill that void.

6. @Oneikatraveller

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: I hope that my IG page evokes three words: fun, friendly, and inspiring.

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I started blogging initially to share my travels with family and friends back home. It soon evolved into something strangers started reading because they were curious about my experiences as a black woman who travels the world fearlessly. I became inspired to create more content because of these people.

3. What keeps you motivated? Knowing that I am showing fellow women and people of color that they too can travel the world, that it’s a possibility for them.

7. @Beatfacehoney

1. How do you describe your blog or IG page: My IG/ YT are centered around makeup but focus a lot on inspiring people via my life experiences. I’ve been a lot of things in my life: A recording artist, a lover, a writer, a bartender….all have taught me lessons worth sharing.

2. Who or what inspired you to blog? I just wanted to be seen and heard honestly. I saw a wave of makeup artists coming through on YouTube and I thought, “I could make something outta this platform!”.

3. What keeps you motivated? I learned years ago that I’m one of those odd people who isn’t motivated by money but rather by purposeful work. It’s really my audience coming back to me and saying “You verbalized something I couldn’t find the words to express” that motivates me most.