Officers said three men fired the shots into the ceiling of an apartment building on Chapel Street about 1:30 a.m.

Karen Clark Sheard releases new solo CD "All in One."

Thanks to all of you who came out for the 7th Annual Health Expo Sponsored by The Center for Closing the Health Gap.

The reality is that had these deplorable priests been prosecuted for their crimes (some were) other church officials would have been liable for obstruction of justice, for hiding the evidence, for shuffling priests from one parish to another, depositing them in homes for spiritual healing and renewal and doing everything to keep the sordid details under wraps.

Huge billboards popping up around Atlanta in recent days are taking aim at President Barack Obama.

  via:nypost A pet pit bull mauled a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy yesterday, ripping into his face after becoming agitated by bickering between the child’s parents, authorities said. The little boy, identified by cops as Elliot Korenblyum of 86th Street near Avenue W in Gravesend, was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center, where he was in serious […] Extended unemployment benefits will temporarily expire for thousands of Americans on Monday because the Senate went on its spring recess without approving a one-month deadline extension. The extension, which had bipartisan support, would have cost about $10 billion, but a lone Republican, Sen. Tom Coburn, said no until the costs are offset. The […]

This Easter, when many churchgoers sport new suits and dresses, pastors across the country will be preaching with one article of clothing noticeably absent: their shoes.

Saying low-slung pants give their wearers a bad image, a state lawmaker is making the point with some images of his own.

Tyler Perry is back with “Why Did I Get Married Too?” - and fortunately, he brought all the original actors and actresses from the first movie with him.

Worrying can be a resourceful habit if you are trying to recruit high blood pressure, a migraine, or waste meaningless hours of your life.

Rajahnthon Haynie’s father can’t go home. He can’t show his face on television either. In fact, he was afraid to even give a Baltimore television station his name.