President Barack Obama has something special for local soon-to-be high school graduates. Find out if he'll be coming to an area commencement ceremony with details inside.

The new law that Brewer signed Friday makes failure to carry proof of U.S. citizenship or legal status a crime. Anyone who can’t produce proper documentation can be arrested, be fined up to $2,500 and face jail time.

As grocery stores leave urban neighborhoods, like Kroger in Roselawn, some cities have found ways to keep their urban core from becoming a "food desert".

Breaking news and updates on Cincinnati's own gospel sensation Darwin Hobbs. Find out more inside.

Check out what Bishop Secular had to say this Friday morning on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show.

Churches and denominations recently join forces to save our black youth. Is your local church doing enough to keep them off the streets and out of prison?

For the first time in the 168-year history of Notre Dame University, an African American has been crowned valedictorian. “I am humbled,” said 21-year-old Gary, Indiana native Katie Washington to the Northwest Indiana Times. “I am in a mode of gratitude and thanksgiving right now.”

African-American farmers hoping for government settlement money in a racial bias case met with lawmakers Wednesday and called on Congress to come up with a way to fund the $1 billion deal.

The United Nations has quietly upped this year's peacekeeping budget for earthquake-shattered Haiti to $732.4 million, with two-thirds of that amount going for the salary, perks and upkeep of its own personnel, not residents of the devastated island.

More than a quarter of young adults are unable to meet physical requirements to join the military, creating a potential threat to national security, a group of retired armed forces leaders said Tuesday.

Robert Tate wasn't ever going to snitch -- not even when it came to his own murder, according to the Chicago Police. Tate, 17, was shot in the chest as someone approached him on a West Side sidewalk on the evening of April 12, police say. Seeing that Tat know," Tate told him. "But I ain't telling you s---."

In a vote that supporters and opponents alike called historic, though for markedly different reasons, Cincinnati City Council gave a green light Monday to a proposed streetcar system by endorsing plans to spend $2.6 million on preliminary expenses for the project.