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Advertisers, marketing teams, and/or companies do what they can to grab the neccessary attention to make a product successful. It is no secret that animated TV and movies stars, such as Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, and Toy Story friends, have been at the forefront of selling junk foods. The kids quickly buy into it and parents appease them.

Cartoons have appeared on food products for years, but until now little research had been done to emphasize how they influence children’s food choices.

According to a new study, 50% of children say that food from a package decorated with a cartoon, such as Shrek, tastes better than the same exact food from a plain package. Clearly a psychological thing going on behind this result.

Dr. Thomas Robinson, M.D., a professor of child health at the Stanford University School of Medicine, had this to say about the relationship between cartoons and kids’ weight: The use of TV and movie characters on food packaging is designed to access certain feelings, memories, and associations. If you associate certain products with things that are otherwise considered fun, it’s going to make those products seem more desirable.

Valid point. If you can convince a child that something is “cool”  (which usually doesn’t take too much effort as they are impressionable at a young age) they’ll tend to keep bothering their parents for whatever it is until they get it-junk food and the like.

Parents generally don’t set out to buy unhealthy foods, but when you have your precious little angel looking up at you saying “pllleeeeeeaaaaassssseeee mommy” what can you do? Say no, of course, but who really wants a battle in the grocery store?

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