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By now, ladies, you’ve heard tons of different aspects of the My Black is Beautiful campaign, a signature celebration of the beauty of every African-American woman all over the world. Beginning today, it’s finally Cincinnati’s turn to officially join the movement, ignite a national conversation and share your true beauty.

Kisha Mitchell Williams, one of the young ladies responsible for launching the initiative and its partnerships with Procter & Gamble, continues the acknowledgment of the diverse collective beauty of African-American women with a visit to 1230AM WDBZ The Buzz and an interview on The Lincoln Ware Show. As the campaign tour reaches the Queen City, wants to encourage black women to define and promote our own beauty standard — one that is an authentic reflection of our indomitable spirit. Williams is most notably responsible for the marketing plans behind My Black is Beautiful which is also designed to examine and enhance the way black women are portrayed in the media and in advertising.

Meant to empower ladies of all ethnicities to take pride in what makes them beautiful and to create a new standard for that definition, the team behind My Black is Beautiful wants you to become an integral part of the movement by supporting the proclamation this week on Friday, May 21st as the official “My Black is Beautiful” Day in Cincinnati launches.

As an additional bonus of the campaign, there are tons of ways for you and all of your girlfriends to continue to celebrate the colors that makeup and complement your beauty online. Update your looks, enhance those features that stand out above the rest, discover a few deals on your favorite products and even find out what the ladies across the nation have to say about their unique beauty experiences. With something for all ages, shapes, sizes and shades, My Black is Beautiful is more than a campaign, it’s a lifestyle and a movement for all women everywhere.

We’re prepping all of you ladies to take a stand today, tomorrow and beyond by taking the pledge below. So while you’re getting dressed for work, ironing those clothes for Sunday morning church service or stepping out in style on the streets of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, open your eyes, find what makes you beautiful and repeat after me:

My Black is Beautiful

From the color of my skin, to the texture of my hair, to the length of my strands, to the breadth of my smile.

To the stride of my gait, to the span of my arms, to the depth of my bosom, to the curve of my hips, to the glow of my skin, My Black is Beautiful.

It cannot be denied. It will not be contained. And only I will define it. For when I look in my mirror, my very soul cries out, My Black is Beautiful.

And so today, I speak it out loud, unabashedly, I declare it anew, My Black is Beautiful.

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated. Whether natural from inside or skillfully applied, My Black is Beautiful.

To my daughters, my sisters, my nieces, my cousins, my colleagues and my friends, I speak for us all when I say again,

My Black is Beautiful.

To learn more about the campaign, visit today. In the meantime, don’t forget to tune into the interview live on The Lincoln Ware Show. Below you’ll find a clip of the interview, but first we want to hear from all of you ladies out there, too. As you listen in, post your thoughts, responses and share with us all the reasons why your black is beautiful in the comments section below. We’ll be checking in periodically all weekend to find out how you’re celebrating your unique beauty.