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C’mon.  The students at Lockland High school were arrested, finger-printed, held in jail over night, suspended and now might possibly be expelled for a senior prank gone wrong. I can hear it now- they should be held accountable.  In fact, the athletic director of the school said as much. They should be held accountable because what they did was wrong is what he said.

Am I the only person, besides their parents, who believe it was an innocent situation that got blown way out of proportion?  Should these students pay the hefty price of being excluded from graduation, have a felony arrest record, get expelled from school? Should they have to forfeit scholarships and opportunities because of a school prank.

I remember telling my son-” son, one wrong decision can change your entire life.” You never know what that decision or situation will be. In this case though, does the punishment fit the crime?

Have you looked at real crime in this city? It was almost like a Barney Fife bust- students busted for senior prank!

Post your comments below and tell us what you think.  Am I wrong for thinking we should take it easy on these kids?