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Quite often sickness and disease, especially HIV/AIDS and other long-term, life-changing diseases, are easily some of the most uncomfortable things for Christians and the family of believers across the nation to talk about. If it’s not swept under the rug during Sunday morning sermons or barely addressed during the alter call to keep church folks from being all up in our business, then it’s somewhat temporarily remedied by a prayer warrior or intercessor privately. The only time we really hear about deliverance from such health issues is when we read the scriptures about them and hear about the miracles that God performed way back when.

So how come we don’t experience those same miracles and healings today? God is still able to do that and so much more for his people. Perhaps it’s primarily because we don’t practice believing or having faith that God can and will do what He promised.

If a person in our Tuesday night Bible study has something ailing them and needs God to deliver them from such a disease, but yet He hasn’t done so, maybe it’s because we – the saints and prayer partners – don’t understand what it feels like to be in that person’s place or do we?

We know the, “by his stripes we are healed,” and, “His grace is sufficient,” and, “God is able to do exceeding abundantly,” scriptures by heart, and yet we can’t figure out why a person would still be sick, especially with something like HIV/AIDS. Why hasn’t God healed them, or you and I?

This morning, while reading a recent post on Elev8.com regarding the same concept, I started thinking more and more about the subject. We don’t know all of what God has planned out for us and those around us. Even if we did know, could God trust us to handle it the right way?

I do know one thing though. God still works miracles and for any of you out there suffering from any disease, health issue or ailment, going before God in prayer is the best way to find out just what He has planned for your life. He may not come when you want Him, but trust God will surely show up right on time.

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