Obama, smack those playground bullies

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Joy Behar

VIA: CNN.com

New York (CNN) — In the schoolyard of American politics, President Obama is the big, smart kid with all of the test answers who’s being bullied by a bunch of Neanderthal ankle-biters from all sides.

Meanwhile, all the teachers are wondering, “Why does he take this crap? He’s bigger and smarter than all the other kids.”

It’s no surprise the Glenn Becks of the world have been attacking Obama since the moment he stepped into the Oval Office. Beck and his blathering buddies on the right — you know, the stinky kids in the coatroom who eat their own boogers. Always pick on the kids least likely to fight back.

That being said — we did elect President Obama to change things, and so far the only thing he seems to be changing are his faux-patriotic lapel pins … and his mind.

With the public option in the public toilet, not asking or telling about “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the Gitmo Hilton still entertaining guests, and same-sex marriage so far off Obama’s radar that it’s now on his sonar, seeds of doubt have been planted in the left’s collective mind.

If this guy can’t get his own party to step in line on health care reform, they wonder, then how the hell will he get other countries to do what he wants them to do? Although in some ways, that might be easier then dealing with these Blue Dogs who hump your leg … and not in a good way.

It’s a valid concern. However, we can’t expect him to accomplish all this sweeping change in less than a year. It’s important that he lay the groundwork instead of just going all “Decider” on everyone and making gut choices.

But he can’t just be “The Thinker,” either. Last time I looked, “The Thinker,” by Rodin, had been sitting on his butt in the exact same place, for years.

Unfortunately, laying groundwork doesn’t win you any fans — well, besides a few Nordic voters on the Nobel panel. Flexing muscles, now that wins you fans. Just ask the Governator. That’s why the Financial Times said it’s time for President Obama to pick a fight and win it in a knockout.

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