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Self-described “shopping dad” James Buffington takes on the challenge of feeding a college student on $35 a week, without a single slice of stale bread in sight.

Can a college student (or YOU) eat on $35 a week? If need be, yes, but it does require discipline and a simple rule: Buy cheap. The surest way to do this is to shop at a discount supermarket and buy only generic or store brands.

Day One

Breakfast: 2 bowls of milk and cereal

Lunch: 1/2 pound buttered noodles and 2 sandwiches (your choice)

Dinner: 2 hot dogs, 2 potatoes 4 ounces vegetables

Snack: popcorn

I shop one of two discount chains for staples every couple of weeks. On my latest trip, using off-label brands, I put together the following shopping list and menus. It’s no-frills cuisine, and I use that term loosely, to be sure, but that’s besides the point. It’s a survival diet for someone on a constrained budget.

So hold your nose, cruise the aisles with me and away we go…

(Note: Prices will vary depending upon where you live and shop.)

The shopping list

1 gallon of milk: $1.89

2 boxes store-brand cereal: $3.98

2 loaves of bread: $1.98

1 package hot dog buns: 89 cents

1 package hamburger buns: 89 cents

2 pounds spaghetti: $1.98

2 jars spaghetti sauce: $1.98

1 pound bologna: 99 cents

1 pound chopped ham: $1.99

2 pounds noodles: $1.98

1 pound butter: $1.89

1 bottle mustard: 69 cents

1 bottle ketchup: 89 cents

3 cans condensed soup : $1.77

1 pound ground beef: $1.99

1 pound hot dogs: 99 cents

6 pack of microwave popcorn: $1.69

2 1-pound bags frozen vegetables: $1.98

5 pound bag of potatoes: $1.98

TOTAL before tax and coupons: $32.42

Now, let’s see what our menu looks like for the entire week

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