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Angela Simmons

Source: CURLS / Curlsa

If you’re a wig or weave lover like me, caring for your natural hair is a priority, which means frequent washes, trims and nourishing products that provide extra moisture because your tresses need it. And now, there’s a haircare system just for us! Angela Simmons partnered with CURLS for their “Hair Under There” Collection, a bomb box of goodies that includes: a Detox Tea Cleanser, Strengthen Me Moisture Mask, BOMB Braid in Conditioner, Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion, and Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade.

HelloBeautiful: You’ve worked with some of the industry’s top stylists, what hair advice did they give you that you can give to our readers?

Angela Simmons: Two things I’ve learned from my key hairstylist Q: don’t put too much heat on your edges or it will burn it out, and never talk bad about your hair because your hair can hear you.

HB: What’s your favorite product from the collection and why?

Angela Simmons: Definitely the BOMB Braid in Leave in Conditioner because really helps during the install of my braids. I am very tender headed and the moisture helps to relieve the tension on my scalp.

Curls Hair Under There” Collection

Source: CURLS / CurlsAngela S

HB: What about CURLS makes it the perfect brand to partner with?

Angela Simmons: I’ve been using CURLS products forever! When Mahisha first spoke to me about this collection it really spoke to me because I always wear weaves. Before this collection there was nothing created specifically for the care of your hair underneath weaves/wigs. This is a step-by-step collection for your natural hair to make sure it is protected underneath the weaves.

HB: What are your personal hair maintenance tips that have worked for you throughout the years?

Angela Simmons: A weekly deep conditioner to keep moisture in my hair, and a nightly regimen of a silk or satin pillowcase for protection.

Angela Simmons

Source: CURLS / Curls

HB: What have you learned about your relationship with your hair over the years?

Angela Simmons: Over the years I have learned that my hair is just as strong and sensitive as my heart.

HB: What did your mother teach you about hair?

Angela Simmons: My mother taught me about hair versatility. She had like six or eight different hairstyles a week, and in turn I learned how to fall in love with my natural hair and be open to switching my styles up.

More about the products, which can be found in Walmart:

Hair Under There Detox Tea Cleanser – 8oz ($10.99)

This herbal tea-infused, sulfate-free, purifying, and cooling shampoo rids the scalp of buildup from weeks of protective styling and can be used on natural hair as well as a curly weave and/or extensions. The detox formula pampers your scalp before braiding and refreshes oxygen-deprived scalps with a deep cleanse after taking out your weave, wig, or extensions.

Hair Under There Strengthen Me Moisture Mask – 8oz ($10.99)

Condition. Moisturize. Strengthen. Protect. This deep conditioning moisture-infused mask is formulated with a natural protein to strengthen hair after weeks under a protective style. Apply mask to wet hair and detangle section by section. Allow to sit on hair for 15-30 minutes with heat for deep conditioning.

Hair Under There BOMB Braid in Conditioner – 8oz ($10.99)

This softening and hydrating pre-install treatment is used before braiding the hair in preparation for installation of a wig, weave, or extensions. It offers a supple, conditioned base for any protective style and can also be used on curly weaves and extensions. This cream is also an excellent product to use after taking down braids to soften and detangle hair before shampooing and conditioning, to prevent breakage.

Hair Under There Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion – 4oz ($10.99)

This soothing scalp balm is used to refresh, calm, reinvigorate, and hydrate irritated, dry, neglected scalps. Apply this potion directly to your scalp before and after braiding your hair or before installation of a protective style. Use after taking braids out to refresh the scalp before shampooing and conditioning.

Hair Under There Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade – 4oz ($10.99)

This vitamin-infused edge styling pomade, thickens and protects delicate edges, preventing breakage and thinning. Use after a sew in or glue weave and during styling. This pomade can also be used to blend natural hair with extensions, wigs, and/or weaves. Perfect pomade to create the best edges for your braided style.


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