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Whether you just want that sexy beach body, toned muscles, or to learn self-defense, kickboxing is for you! From the various punch techniques to the leg lifts, this workout can really help with cardio, toning your muscles and maintaining your weight. In my experience, the benefit of kickboxing has not only taught me how to defend myself, but enhanced my muscle tone. As a woman, empowerment and safety is important. Be bold and beautiful while learning self-defense. If I can do it so can you! Here are the basic techniques to accomplish your fitness goals through kickboxing.

1. Arms:

Jab is a fast straight punch directed to the face with your leading hand and then is quickly pulled back in for defense.

Cross is a hit thrown with the left hand rightwards or the right hand leftwards.

Upper Cut, also known as the surprise punch, is a punch which is thrown from either hand to the chin of the other person, which starts at the mid-section and goes straight-up.

Hook is used to create the ultimate impact on the other person, the leading hand pulls back and moves from one side to the other in an arched motion.

These techniques help build strength in your forearms, upper section, and shoulder blades, giving you those great defined arms.

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2. Legs:

Roundhouse Kick is one of the most powerful kicks in kickboxing; first you must stand with your side facing the other person. Then lift your front leg, bend your knee and then kick in one hard motion. The shin is supposed to make the impact with the other person’s body.

Front Kick is an easy kick, stand facing the other person and lift one leg, then bend the knee and kick with your foot. The ball of your foot is supposed to make contact with the other person’s body because it can make a harder impact.

Side Kick is a kick where you stand with your side to the other person. Then raise your front leg, turn it around at the knee, bring it back slightly and after deliver a strong kick at the person’s side, hitting the person with the outside of your foot giving them a strong kick.

These techniques will help you build strength in your calves, thighs, and glutes, giving you a nice toned-shape. Kickboxing is a great way for staying on top of your game.

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