Welcome to the first installment of HelloBeautiful’s new series “Diaries of a Skinny Fat Girl.” Each week HelloBeautiful will go underneath the skinny jeans and loose fitting shirts of our readers to uncover their battles of the bulge. This week we met The Media Maven who will fad diet to lose five pounds. Weekly Goals: […]

Regardless of the latest and greatest fitness fads, looking and feeling better comes down to good old-fashioned exercise and a healthy diet. The key to optimizing those exercise results? Ensuring that your fitness training program is as well-rounded and healthy as the meal on your plate. 1. Aerobic Fitness Aerobic exercise, also known as cardio, […]

As a woman, empowerment and safety is important. Be bold and beautiful while learning self-defense. If I can do it so can you! Here are the basic techniques to accomplish your fitness goals through kickboxing.

We never feel sexy when we we're in our sneakers sweating it out on the elliptical machine or running on the treadmill. Granted, we know that exercise is supposed to increase and boost sexual pleasure, so imagine how we felt when we came across this article on how pole dancing can give us a better body and allow us to forego the crunches and step-ups.

I know what you’re thinking: Why bother working out muscles I can’t even see? When back muscles are strong, they help you stand taller and pull in your tummy so you look slimmer.  Plus summer clothes show more of your back than you may realize.

If you workout and travel frequently, you know it can be a challenge to get your workouts in.  P90X, Insanity and HIIT, are all great sources for total body training, burning the maximum amount of calories and achieving optimal results.

FROM BLACKDOCTOR.ORG: Coming to us from every direction is a vast amount of information on the best and worst fitness methods. Unfortunately, much of this information is subject to containing a number of myths that can leave you misinformed and confused. Trying to categorize a piece of fitness advice as fact or fiction can be […]

It’s almost noon and the only thing that’s on your mind is where you are going to go for lunch.  Seriously, ANYTHING to get out of the office for an hour! But rather than emptying your wallet and filling yourself up with unnecessary calories, pack yourself a lunch and pick a pretty spot in the […]

I started my Yoga practice in 1996, at the time it was not as popular as it is now.  Prior to my Yoga certification, I worked for 15 years in the News and Entertainment business.  I got stressed out and discovered Yoga, also discovering Yoga at that time was my long time friend, Russell Simmons.  […]

Our First Lady helps kids get fit this week on the east coast. Find out what happened inside now.

VIA: MSNBC.Com Breaking up your fitness routine is hard to do. But it’s crucial for avoiding the bigger heartache of overuse injury, fitness experts say. “People tend to do the same thing over and over again, without varying it, without taking adequate rest, without building slowly, and they end up with an overuse injury,” said […]

Via: Diet.Health.com If you are someone with a busy lifestyle that includes working, taking care of family and always being on the go, it can be difficult to find time to work out. When you manage to get a minute for yourself, all you may want to do is sit down and relax. Regardless, it […]