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More and more people are saying how they can’t sleep through the night or how their sleep is being affected by not being on their regular schedules. If anxiety and fear about the future have been making it hard for you to sleep amid the coronavirus pandemic, you are far from alone.

Another office day... Yawn!

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According to StudyFinds.Org, a SleepStandards survey of just over 1,000 Americans found that more than three-quarters, 77 percent, said their sleep has been affected. Asked why the crisis has been keeping them up at night, 48 percent said it’s because of anxiety, 26 percent named worry about the safety of loved ones, 23 percent cited loneliness, and 23 percent pointed to an inconsistent sleep schedule.

Respondents were asked what they’ve been trying to do to help their insomnia, 46 percent said avoiding the news, 40 percent said reading before bed, 27 percent said using sleep supplements, 21 percent said doing meditation or yoga, and 16 percent said having sex.

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3/4 of Americans Sleep Affected By Pandemic  was originally published on mycolumbusmagic.com

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