FC Cincinnati coach, Ron Jans, officially resigns as the coach Tuesday.

As the investigation continues with his alleged racial slur comments, Jans has decided to resign from his position as head coach.

News broke on Friday that the now-former coach would be “relieving his duties” as coach as the investigation continued.

Ron Jans is accused of allegedly using the N-word while singing along to a rap song in the locker room as well as making an inappropriate comment about slavery back in October, according to ESPN and The Cincinnati Enquire.

The team and the MLS say they do not tolerate the inappropriate comments.

Team statement reported by ESPN:

“FC Cincinnati was founded and operates with three core values: (1) being inclusive and family-friendly, (2) having a strong and visible presence in the community, and (3) winning on the field.

“When club leadership was made aware of the allegation, we were very surprised as building a caring and committed culture has been a focus of Ron’s leadership. We want to fully understand the nature of the incident and allow for an environment for our players to speak freely to any locker room issues. Therefore, while both the Club and Major League Soccer work together, Ron will step away from the team during the investigation.”

Jans had been apart of the coaching staff since August 2019.



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