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A North College Hill woman who is accused of hitting her son with a belt 35 times said what happened was not child abuse.

“My intentions were for him to understand that there are consequences for being disrespectful,” said Bhagwana Hasan, who was released from the Hamilton County jail on bond Wednesday.

Police said Hasan was arrested on a charge related to hitting her son with a braided belt 35 times, leaving visible marks that were discovered when he went to the North College Middle School secretary on Wednesday to report pain on his hand and back.

She was arrested later that day on a felony charge of child endangerment.

North College Hill police said when they questioned her about the alleged abuse, Hasan admitted to it.

But she told FOX19 NOW on Sunday that what happened isn’t abuse.

Hasan claims her son has been repeatedly disrespectful at school and at home.

Now, after her arrest, her son has a new home. He’s staying with his father.

The boy’s father, Sam Britton, sent us this statement:

On behalf of my son, he would like for me to tell you all that his mother isn’t a monster as she is being made to seem. He recognizes that he made a poor choice and deserved some sort of consequence. He loves his mother, and though some may feel as if she crossed the line, he knows it was out of love and desire to want better for him. He looks forward to seeing his mother and working along with both sides of his family to make sure this is a learning experience for all involved.

Sam Britton

North College Hill Officer Jay Manning said police “would not have made an arrest unless we had probable cause to do so.”

Hasan is due back in court Dec. 23.


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