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A couple claims they were kicked out of a restaurant over the weekend for wearing Native American costumes.

But Lisa Amore, a spokeswoman for the Shari’s restaurant in Lewiston, said the couple was actually removed for their offensive behavior.

It was late Saturday night when Amore said the couple arrived drunk from a Halloween party.

“At one point, they started making war cries in a certain part of the restaurant and becoming disruptive,” Amore said. “And in fact, at that time also, there were a number of customers in the restaurant who were also Native American.”

Amore said a restaurant employee asked the couple to quiet down.

“That’s when they started making offensive comments at both their waitress and at the cook, both of whom are Native American,” Amore said.

“They were asked to leave because of their offensive conduct and behavior and comments towards our staff and our guests.”

Amore called the couple’s actions appalling, especially considering how close Lewiston is to the Nez Perce Reservation.

The woman who was kicked out of the restaurant said in a Facebook post, that she and her male companion were ousted because of their Native American costumes.

A screenshot from the woman’s since-deleted Facebook post has now gone viral.

Amore said many had praised the actions of Shari’s employees.

“Everyone is very, very proud of the way in which our staff handled the situation,” Amore said.

Amore said the couple are not banned from the restaurant, even though the couple said they won’t be coming back.