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The longest game of telephone continues on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives. The episode pretty much centers around the drama that’s about to go down at Kristen’s upcoming 90s sitcom-themed costume skating party. There’s going to be some fun get-ups at that, like Malaysia as a Clover from Bring it On, Evelyn Lozada as Peggy Bundy, and Feby and Kristen in different iterations of Ashley Banks. But hold that thought. 

We start the episode with OG being mad at CeCe, who won’t own what she said about OG. They definitely need to talk, and they will eventually. Then we find Jackie telling Jenn and OG that she got a string of DM’s from some man in Atlanta who that said Jenn was saying derogatory things about Malaysia’s kids and finances. Jenn said she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that the man is lying, of course. So we’ll see where this goes. 

Jackie, Feby, and Evelyn get together for a pole dancing class but they don’t really pole dance. This is more about them having a kiki. Evelyn mentions that Tami has been working with her daughter on her rap career. That’s when Feby thinks it’s cute to start with the shady talk. You already know, Feby starts shading Tami’s age. She says it’s good that Tami is working with her daughter because it means she’s acknowledging that past her prime. 

Then Evelyn brings up what Jackie mentioned about Jenn allegedly talking smack about Malaysia. Jackie says she doesn’t want to repeat what the man said but she will give Evelyn his number so she can hear it from him. Evelyn calls the man. The first thing he does is start screaming and acting like a dang groupie, so obviously, his credibility is trash. Anyway, he says that Jenn told Dominique that Malaysia has no money, can’t afford to live in LA, she’s a bad mom, and that she got put out of her house, but that Dominique is also running her mouth. This is the word around Atlanta. Hold that thought. 

OG finally confronts CeCe and says she hates that CeCe isn’t owning what she said and that she keeps dancing around the issue. CeCe continued dancing around the issue and even said that it crossed her mind that Kristen created a fake text. 

Anyway, we finally get to the part where CeCe finally admits that she probably did talk trash. It came at a time when she was cool with Kristen and didn’t know OG so she was just riding for family. CeCe acknowledges that what she said was messed up and finally owns it. She apologizes and they both move on with their friendship mended because OG understood the circumstances under which CeCe said what she said. 

Now we’re at the part where Jackie tells Kristen about Jenn spreading rumors about Malaysia. Obviously, Kristen is going to run back to Malaysia and tell her what’s up…at the most inappropriate moment. Hold that thought because this is also the moment when Jackie tells Tami how Feby was talking ageist crap about her. Notice how Jackie is all up in the mix of everyone’s drama? Guess those crystals have a weak signal or something. 

Tami gets her moment to confront Feby. Basically, Tami is meeting with a dialect coach so she can learn how to talk with a British accent. She invited Feby and OG and goes in after class. Tami directly asks Feby what she said. Feby backtracks again. She said she never said Jackie was too old to be rapping, which is true, but she still lied about talking trash. Instead of being direct, Feby tries to deflect by telling OG that Evelyn was talking smack about her feet hanging out of her shoes. OG thinks that’s childish, which it is, and says she’s going to remain unbothered. Then Feby says Jenn was talking smack about Tami too. Later on, OG goes back and tells Jackie that Feby said she twisted her words around and she’s tired of her being messy. Here we go. 

Now it’s time for the party! Let’s look at some of these get-ups before we get into the drama!


These women are catty af, but they sure do know how to show up and show out! Evelyn especially nailed that Peggy Bundy look. 

Ok, let’s get into the drama at the party. Kristen jumps right into the smack that Jennifer and Dominique have been (allegedly) talking about Malaysia and her kids. Malaysia wants specifics so when Jenn and Dominique walk in she wastes no time asking what was said. Jenn and Dominique deny ever talking about her.. Malaysia leaves it alone for now and even Evelyn says she thinks they’re telling the truth. Then Jackie comes in and by now they realize she’s the common denominator. Malaysia confronts her and everything goes downhill. They end up in each other’s faces, nose to nose, bickering back and forth. Security eventually pulls them apart but Jackie’s friend, some random man, starts popping off and makes things worse. And we end the episode with Jackie grabbing a chair and trying to throw it at Malaysia. 

Fighting aside, Malaysia’s Clovers costume (from Bring It On) comes in a close second to Evelyn’s.


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