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Stephanie Long

Source: Stephanie Long / Courtesy of Stephanie Long

Short hairstyles on women are nothing new, whether it’s Halle Berry or Lupita Nyong’o, Black women are prime examples that we can rock styles at any length. Bria Myles recently traded in long hair for a bald do and it had us thinking about getting a cropped cut! We caught up with CASSIUS Editor, Stephanie Long, who has been rocking a short haircut for about almost a year now. However, this isn’t the first time she’s had short hair. She explained, “In 2009, back when I was still relaxing my hair, I had cut it pretty short a’ la Rihanna in the ‘Take a Bow’ video. Before that, I had the ‘Umbrella’ bob.” Long is one to experiment with her hair and after having “locs for a hot second in 2017 and not really feeling it,” she was “ready to take the plunge.”

The change in her tresses led her to feel like she really came into herself and she “felt so beautiful.” She added it was “one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.”

Yes, it’s true, short hair is easier to manage. Stephanie shared her routine with Hello Beautiful, “I’m able to just get up in the morning, shower, throw on a cute outfit with some brows and a bold lip and I’m out the door.” She relishes in the thought, “No more wash days, no more pineappling my hair to preserve a twistout, no more hiding from rain or humidity.” If there is one difficult moment, she explained it’s the “awkward stage between really needing a cut and actually getting one is a bit annoying.” Nevertheless, even in her “rough” moments, she still gets tons of compliments on her look.

Stephanie Long

Source: Stephanie Long / Courtesy of Stephanie Long

And we can see why! With these fun cuts and ease of being able to switch it up, her cropped cuts are anything but boring. She found a great barber through trial and error, “I did my googles, tried one barber that was okay but that I wasn’t fully satisfied with. Then I kept looking online and eventually found the one I’ve been going to since late September 2018.” For New York girls, she shared the wealth, “His name is Tim Lord and he’s at Adrian Fanus Grooming in Bed-Stuy! I recommend him to any and ALL ladies looking to go low.”

Stephanie Long

Source: Stephanie Long / Courtesy of Stephanie Long

While intricate, the hairstyles are easy to maintain, with you needing a cut about once a month. “If I can’t make it that often, I turn to cute caps and head wraps. No biggie.” For maintenance, she sleeps with a satin pillow case or scarf or durag to protect her scalp and hair. She shared, “Shampoo, conditioner and a little bit of oil (I do a mixture of coconut, camellia and brazil nut) is also still very much a thing for me, especially when I’m rocking my little 4C curls.”

We love Stephanie’s short haircut! Would you go low? Take our poll below.


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