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VH1 'Love & Hip Hop' Season 4 Premiere

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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop is a downer. There’s lots of drama, but not in an amusing ratchet kinda way, it’s more like, “I hope they’ll be okay when the cameras go off and get the therapy they need.” We begin the episode with Juelz Santana and Kimbella trying to get on the same page, especially since he’s going to jail soon. They’re also trying to figure out when to tell their kids that pops is going to prison. That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s coming. The only positive news for them is that the courts allowed Juelz to move back in with Kimbella and their children so he can spend more time with them before he goes down.

Now that Nya Lee and Rich Dollaz have made peace, it’s time for Nya Lee and Sidney Starr to make peace, according to Rich Dollaz. Rich basically wants Nya Lee to groom Sidney Starr as an artist. Plus, he’s putting this “new Nya Lee” to the test so he brings them together to have a peace talk. They both surprisingly take their petty hats off and actually manage to get right. All is forgiven.

Now let’s cut to the part where Sidney Starr brings some music she has been working on to the studio for Jaquae and Rich Dollaz to listen to. Sidney bombs. It’s not the best music, but nothing worse than some of the other stuff we’ve heard on this show. However, Rich goes off on her. He feels like she’s wasting his time and not as hungry as she says she is. Sidney is hurt, but determined, so she takes the song to Nya Lee to see what she thinks. Nya Lee thinks it’s just ok and tells her it wasn’t the best, which is true. But like, what have we heard of Nya Lee’s that was actually amazing?

Anyway, Nya Lee basically tells Sidney that it’s possible to be authentic without being extra and without constantly mentioning that she’s transgender, especially since people already know. Sidney goes into this spiel about, that’s who she is and how she’s coming to terms with some of the dishonest things she has done, like lying to the media about having bottom surgery (she still has a penis), and the times where she wasn’t honest with men she had sex with about being trans. Sidney states that she’s turning over a new leaf because she wants to live, and Nya Lee points out something that hits home. She suggests that Sidney actually feels alone and overcompensates for that by being over-the-top. Sidney agrees and Nya Lee says that she knows the feeling so she plans to genuinely be there for Sidney.

Juelz Santana finally has his moment where he tells his children that he’s going away. The kids are obviously sad about it.

Jonathan is still on his Be a Better Person Tour so he links up with Rich Dollaz to apologize for his behavior over the situation with Anais. Rich forgives him. But then Jonathan says he has been trying to get back in touch with Anais due to a concerning pic she posted on social media, but he can’t reach her. Interestingly enough, Rich and Anais reconnected since all that drama went down between them. It turns out, Anais called Rich from a mental institution because Ruben had her committed. She has been in an out for about a month, refusing to take her medicine and rambling on about conspiracies. Jonathan starts crying and says he’s worried, but Rich tells him it’s best to give her space and let her come around when she’s ready. Their friendship was quite toxic as we all saw. Sure, Jonathan is committed to being a better friend than he has been, but he’s just going to have to wait this one out.

Finally, we end the episode with Cyn and Joe’s problems. Cyn stops him to talk as he’s on his way to work and although he doesn’t want to talk now, he does so anyway to avoid Cyn getting even more upset with him. But she still gets even more upset with him because he just doesn’t seem to understand where she’s coming from. Actually, they’re not understanding each other, which is why Cyn wanted to talk. She feels neglected because he’s always working. Then she says he hasn’t even noticed that she has been depressed (this is code for her possibly having postpartum depression). He remains stoic and wry and tells her that his work is 25/8 and that he can’t not work until he’s in a position where he can slack up a bit. Basically, he wants her to get help for her depression and a nanny too. The latter was supposed to be the compromise but Cyn doesn’t want a nanny. Then he tells her he’s fine if they break up if she’s not depressed. Yeah, this doesn’t end well. We obviously know that they’re engaged by now, but it’s going to be interesting to see how they finally get it together.


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