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Friends drinking soda

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The things that surface on Twitter are not only entertaining, but sometimes pretty educational. The latest piece of “secret” information to surface online included a fast food worker tweeting out a video of him pouring liquid from a small cup into a medium cup, and then from the medium cup into a large cup. The problem here is that when the worker pours the liquid from a small cup into a substantially larger one–the drink fills all of the cups nearly to the top, even though the cups are nowhere near the same size. It’s pretty confusing to see these different sized cups all yield the same amount of liquid, and people who frequent these kind of food joints are flabbergasted that they’ve been finessed this whole time.

The consensus from people on Twitter after watching this was outrage…because they feel they’ve been paying more for an illusion this whole time.

Though a lot of people accepted the idea that all the cups are pretty much the same, another employee at the same

restaurant took it into her own hands to do her own experiment and show everyone that the video everyone was talking about was a fraud.

So the moral of the story is: if you’re extra thirsty and need to get a drink at a fast food spot, don’t worry: there most definitely IS more for your money in a large cup than in a small.


Fast Food Workers Are Quickly Debunking Rumors That Small And Large Cups Hold The Same Amount Of Liquid  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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