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On Friday Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced new reforms to address how police and other emergency workers respond to the mentally ill. The reforms come in response to criticism over a slew of civilian shootings by the city's police department in recen

In December, 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer who responded to a call from his father claiming that LeGrier was threatening him with a baseball bat. The police officer not only took LeGrier’s life, but he also killed an innocent bystander. The tragic incident shed light on the way Chicago police officials handle situations with the mentally ill. After receiving backlash, Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently unveiled a new police training plan to change how both cops and emergency workers deal with those who are mentally impaired. According to the mayor’s office, there will be an increase in the amount of officers who have to take a 40-hour “Crisis Intervention Team” training course, which was designed to calm situations when dealing with individuals who are mentally ill. The number of officers who will undergo this training will rise from 1,890 to 2,800. Additionally, the entire police department, which consists of 12,000 officers, will receive training centered on mental health awareness. Chicago is also working on implementing more mental health resources in low-income neighborhoods. The Chicago Police Department is currently being investigated by The U.S. Justice Department for the overuse of deadly force. Read more.

Jay Z’s Roc Nation Countersues Rita Ora

The saga continues in the legal battle between songstress Rita Ora and Jay Z’s Roc Nation. In December, Ora filed a lawsuit demanding to be released from the label. Roc Nation slapped Ora with a countersuit on Friday, claiming it invested $2.3 million into her second unreleased album amid claims that if Ora leaves the label, she would be breaching her contract. Roc Nation is calling for her to return the money they invested, as well as damages for her under-delivered work. According to her lawyer, Howard E. King, Jay Z reportedly called Ora after she filed the suit and agreed to release her, but Roc Nation was forced to file a countersuit to prevent losing their position in the case. Read more.

“Training Day” to be Readapted as Television Series

One of Denzel Washington’s most pivotal films will soon be readapted as a television show. According to reports, CBS has ordered a pilot for Training Day, based on the 2001 movie. The television series will pick up 15 years later and follow a young Black police officer as he moves up the ranks within the LAPD while partnered with a White detective. Antoine Fuqua, who directed the original film, will also serve as director of the series. Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Will Beall and KristieAnne Reed will executive produce. The project is being developed under Fuqua Films, Warner Bros. Television, and Jerry Bruckheimer Television. Read more.


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