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A White nationalist who reportedly inspired Charleston AME gunman Dylann Roof donated thousands of dollars to a number of Republican presidential candidates, The Guardian reports.

Earl Holt, president of the rightwing Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC), was named in a manifesto believed to belong to Roof and uncovered by the FBI over the weekend. An investigation has been launched to find out the authenticity of the manifesto and an accompanying website registered to Roof.

The manifesto author stated his research of the “brutal Black on White murders” came from CofCC’s site.

Holt released a statement on Sunday, distancing himself and his group from last week’s shooting, which killed nine churchgoers.

It has been brought to the attention of the Council of Conservative Citizens that Dylann Roof–the alleged perpetrator of mass murder in Charleston this week–credits the CofCC website for his knowledge of black-on-white violent crime.

This is not surprising: The CofCC is one of perhaps three websites in the world that accurately and honestly report black-on-white violent crime, and in particular, the seemingly endless incidents involving black-on-white murder.

The CofCC is hardly responsible for the actions of this deranged individual merely because he gleaned accurate information from our website.

It was also recently revealed that the group’s leader has donated large amounts of money to virtually every Republican running for president. Over the years, Holt has donated $65,000 in total. He gave $1,750 to Rand Paul, $8,500 to Ted Cruz’s campaign and super PAC, and $1,500 to Rick Santorum. The donations are being investigated by candidates, and Cruz’s party assured the public any donations made by Holt will be refunded.

Santorum and Rand’s representatives added that Holt’s donation would be given to the families of the nine people killed in the massacre.

Holt also previously donated $1,000 to Mia Love — the first Black Republican woman elected to Congress. In a statement released on Monday, Love said the donation will be returned.

SOURCE: The Guardian, American Resistance | VIDEO CREDIT: NDN 


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