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spencer smith trayvon martin pictureA California history teacher’s decision to dress as Trayvon Martin for his school’s yearbook photo has drawn a mixed reaction, KTUV reports.

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Spencer Smith (pictured center) is seen flashing the peace symbol while wearing a white hoodie and holding Skittles. Martin had just purchased the candy shortly before his death. Smith was reportedly attempting to make a political statement.

Watch a news report about Smith’s photo here:

Some have come out in support of Smith; others remain unsure. Alfreda Charway, president of Brentwood Heritage High School’s Black Student Union, called it “a good idea because he’s expressing himself.”

“Because that’s the whole point of yearbook pictures, you’re supposed to express yourself,” Charway added.

“[It was] ok that he did it, just not in the yearbook,” commented Amber McKim, a sophomore at the school. However, one mother strongly disagreed with Smith’s decision, saying, “This is supposed to be capturing the best moments of the year. And all positive things.”

Martin was walking back to his father’s house in Sanford, Fla. in February 2012 when he got into a confrontation with neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. The incident ended with Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin in the chest. He claimed he was acting in self-defense.

A grand jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder charges last year.

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