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A recently uploaded music video of what appears to be very young children twerking on a football field as several adult rappers cheer them on is drawing the ire of many on social media and the blogosphere.

The YouTube video titled, “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song By Monsta With da Fade,” shows more than a dozen young, African-American girls cladly dressed in form-fitting tights and football jerseys on a football field twerking in various football stances and drills common with the sport. One of the rappers, Monsta, is seen standing over them chatting, “hut, hut, hut.”

Besides a few  lines like, “No stomach” and “Leg on the table,” there are few verses in the song.

Some of the girls look younger than 10-years-old, which has some critics believing the video is another moment of Black female exploitation.

Sil Lai Abrams, founder of Truth In Reality, an organization that is working to change the way Black women are portrayed in the media, especially in reality television, says the what is most disturbing about the song is that the young girls video think what they are doing is fun and that the adults involved in its production do not understand the emotional damage being done to the children.

“All I’m thinking about is those girl’s mothers,” Abrams told NewsOne in an interview. “Where are their fathers? Where are the caregivers? Occasionally, you see stories of people on social media plying their children, their infants with alcohol for their entertainment. It’s the same kind of damage that is being done to our young girls and it’s not entertaining at all.”

Watch the “Hut Hut-Football Twerk Song” Video Below:

The reaction to the video in the  comments thread were very critical. Below are a few of the more than 500 comments:

You fellas are ignorant nasty men. And the most interesting part of this is the fact that most pedophiles hide because they know they will be arrested or killed by some ones father for violating there little girl. You however are ignorant enough to not hide your face or faces. If you that are able see this are also able to read this.. Know that I will contact friends to see if we can get you your well deserved time for this mess!!!!! And any parent that supports this disturbing mess.

The entire video is derogatory, degrading, and socially irresponsible. I’ll go so far as to say this is child pornography. The only difference is that the children are wearing clothes. Twerk is an action that is solely sex related, and to depict teenagers and those in their adolescence performing this action is more than wrong; it is, and I repeat degrading, and is beyond objectification.

This video should be banned from youtube..its disgusting to have these little kids like this on camera..instead of complaining …click that flag button under the video and flag this garbage to get it removed

This damn near wants to make me cry. 1. These grown men are disgusting for promoting this. 2. The mothers should be put in jail for child endangerment along with those pervs 3. Why aren’t these girls being taught to respect their bodies 4. Where is the moral integrity?

Reactions to the video were so negative that one of the rappers in the video felt compelled to publish a five-minute YouTube reaction. In part, he said that he has no problem to the video and that there are other things that people should worry about.

“I never put my hand on a kid, but kids love me,” he said during the video.” “Why? I’m out there coaching your kids while you can’t come out and watch me coach your kids. Why yo kids running the streets 9, 10 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock getting shot in the head trying to break into people’s houses?”

Watch Monsta react to criticism of his “Hut, Hut” video below:

The Twitter page for Bonose Production TV, the company that produced the video, has been relatively quiet about the production. Though, there was a second production to the video with the description, “WE Remade The Video ” No More Kids.”

This is not the only music video involving children that has drawn the ire of social media. In the summer of 2012, a video titled, “Booty Pop,” featured 6-year-old Albert Roundtree Jr. in a rap video in which the child was surrounded by half-naked women dancing in a very sexual matter. The parents reported paid for production of the video to help further their son’s music career.

In August of 2012, NewsOne published a story about a pre-teen rapper named “Lil Mouse” who raps in a YouTube video about smoking people who disrespect him and refers to women in very disparaging ways.

What are your thoughts on the “Hut Hut” video and do you think it is an inappropriate?

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