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Our favorite multimedia mogul is really trying to go out with a bang isn’t she?

Oprah Winfrey recently announced to her viewing and live studio audience that she has big plans for them. Winfrey kicked off the final season of her show with the special surprises we’ve only come to know and adore her for – a trip to Australia with all 300 audience members scheduled to travel with her.

Can you believe it? It only gets better. Winfrey, who’s fans and lucky audience members shrieked in delight, will be flying the big blue skies with none other than good friend and actor John Travolta as the celebrity pilot of their trip.

Now how about that for a farewell season ahead? Go Oprah!

The trip will be eight days long and in addition, each audience member receives a new smartphone – of course to they each can rub it all in with random tweets, twitpics and Facebook updates right?

As we know and are sad to see her go, Oprah Winfrey kicked off her 25th and final season taping in her home of Chicago (aka the Windy City). If you recall, Oprah has been known for notoriously elaborate giveaways and excursions across the globe accompanied by her slew of celebrity friends and special guests. Remember last year when she actually shut down all of Michigan Avenue for the launch of her 24th season? Incredibly powerful lady, right?

View more about the upcoming trip and what Oprah had to say when she announced the full details to her guests at NBCChicago.com.

What are your favorite or most memorable Oprah moments? List them below by posting in the comments section. Be sure to tune in for as much of this final season as you can. We know Oprah’s not done showing us why she’s so legendary at giving above and beyond to perfect strangers. I’m excited and sad all at the same time.

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