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People in the world never cease to amaze me. A British woman wants to become permanently paralyzed and is seeking a doctor to cut her spine.

Chloe Jennings-White is a 58-year-old woman who lives life as a paraplegic despite having an affinity for skiing and being a fully functioning able-bodied person. Jennings-White says she has wanted to be a paraplegic for as long as she could remember and doesn’t understand why people get upset about her desire. It should be noted that Chloe was diagnosed with Body Integrity Identity Disorder which is a psychological condition that causes a person to feel like they want to be disabled. She even had accidents to she could lose the use of her legs.

When Chloe Jennings-White was interviewed, she said the only reason why she hasn’t had the surgery is because she doesn’t have the money. At first, people thought she wasn’t getting the surgery because no doctor in their right mind would perform the procedure for cutting her sciatic and femoral nerves. However, Jennings-White says she found a doctor overseas who is willing to perform the surgery.

Jennings-White has received hate mail and death threats for going public with her desire to be paraplegic. She says her friends understand and are supportive of her condition, but still doesn’t understand why people are so angry about her wanting to be a paraplegic. “It’s the same as a transsexual man having his penis cut off. It’s never coming back, but they know it’s what they want.”

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