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Attorneys for George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, say that they have not been in contact with him for a few days and that he has went into hiding. They also say that they are dropping him as a client and withdrawing as Zimmerman’s counsel.

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This announcement comes the same day a public website from George Zimmerman went live on the world wide web, where he asks for his supporters to donate funds to help him pay for living expenses since he is not able to be employed.

Zimmerman’s former attorney Craig Sonner say that they did not know anything about the website that hit the net:

He is going and doing things without consulting me. Him creating a website wasn’t a problem but not consulting with me about it was. The money that was set up, I wanna make sure my hands are not on it, so I have nothing to do with that,

Zimmerman’s other former attorney Hal Uhrig also says that the website isn’t the only thing that has brought them to this decision:

Our concerns runs deeper than the website, George Zimmerman is not doing well emotionally, our concern is for him to do something like this suggests that he may not be in complete control of what’s going on. We absolutely still stand on what the facts are and what we still stand on the evidence that we previously reported. When this is over, we hope the Martin family can begin the healing process.

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