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Black love is passionate and inspiring.  Iconic writer Zora Neale Hurston once said, “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”  Here are the couples NewsOne has chosen that demonstrate the true essence of what Black love is all about. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1)Barack and Michelle Obama:  Their love is authentic, and they are not afraid to show it.  Despite the harsh realities of political life, their love works like a well-oiled machine.  They are both card-carrying members of the mutual admiration society and each other’s rooting team.  Although the Obamas have far too many public moments, they share even more private smiles.  They have learned to successfully combine politics and marriage, typically a difficult feat, but they make it look so easy.

2) TD and Serita Jakes:  Serita Jakes was once quoted as saying, “Our marriage vows say, ‘For better or for worse.’ We are supposed to honor those vows; they are our marching orders.”  The couple that prays together, stays together and the Jakes are still going strong after 30 years and five children.  They stand alongside each other as they serve their mega-congregation with zeal.  It is apparent that the Jakes have dedicated themselves to each other and have made their home front their ministry, first and foremost.

3) Jay-Z and Beyonce:  Jigga and Bey are two moguls who have managed to successfully juggle high-profile careers and the love that they have for each other.  Despite being in a crazy business that is marinated in stress, the pair appears to have a picture-perfect union.  Mums the words as far as their relationship, but we can see that their passion is off the charts.  And now their new baby is a beautiful addition to a formula that works.

4) Cedric and Lorna Kyles:  Funnyman Cedric the Entertainer has found the key to keeping his wife of  12 years happy: making her laugh every step of the way.  They met on the set of his first feature film, “Ride,” back in 1998.  Full of himself, Ced began putting on airs and blew himself up to try and impress Lorna.  The pomp didn’t work because Lorna had no idea who Cedric was nor did she care. Two weeks later, they ran into each other at a club and Cedric says he put the “woo” on her then.  A year later, the couple got hitched and it’s been woo, love, and happiness ever since.

5) Jackie and Doug Christie:  The commitment the Christies have for each other is rare.  They have chosen to plan full-on weddings for the past 16 years, complete with guests and festivities. Displayed on Jackie’s reality show “Basketball Wives,” the Christies’ love was is full of passion and a fierce respect for the institution. When her former NBA star hubby would travel for games, Jackie combated extramarital temptations by traveling with him.  Jackie and Doug know how precious they are to each other, and in their marriage, there is only room for two.

6) Sheryl Lee Ralph and Vincent Hughes:  Sheryl and Vincent are balancing entertainment and Washington perfectly.  The screen and stage diva and her Pennsylvania senator hubby have been at it for six years, and the formula that they’ve found makes their marriage sizzle not only for each other but for others.  Sheryl and Vincent work tirelessly for charities, which encompass food banks to HIV/AIDS awareness, and their joint causes have fueled their love.

7) Holly and Rodney Peete:  The Peetes just recently renewed their 17-year marriage.  After four children, one of which has autism, they have still managed to weather whatever life throws at them.  The couple admits that their lives in dealing with their child’s diagnosis have been full of twisty turns that almost tore them apart, but they managed to ride the peaks and valleys and are standing even stronger than before.

8) Tiny and T.I.:  These two became a couple in 2001 and married eight years later. While the hip-hop duo have not had the best of times, their challenges have only strengthened their commitment.  Even with multiple incarcerations, blending families, and demanding career obligations, T.I. and Tiny still maintain their love groove and it seems nothing can tear them apart.  The pair are “ride and die,” and that’s a “swagga” that can’t be beat!

9) David and Tamela Mann:  The Manns are a rare breed of married folk.  Married for 23 years and counting, the pair, who have four children, are also colleagues. The Manns co-star together on the comedy sitcom “Meet the Browns,” where David plays “Mr. Brown” and Tamela plays “Cora.”  Before their hit sitcom, the Manns toured unceasingly, spreading God’s word through stage and gospel shows throughout the country.  Although life “ain’t been no crystal stair,” as they faced periods of personal struggles and brief homelessness, the Manns persevered and attribute their lasting love and success to the Almighty.

10) Terry and Rebecca Crews:   The Crews have created a home that is filled with love, which is evident from their hit reality show “The Family Crews.”  After 22 years and five children, the Crews make balancing marriage, work, a family, and most importantly, faith look easy, but don’t get it twisted, it took years of searching for that right mix.  The couple’s lives are busy with Terry’s acting and Rebecca’s ministry, but spirituality and their solid commitment to God is what keeps them going.  Despite all of the drama, positivity is what the Crews are all about, take it or leave it.