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In a Tuesday night appearance on Jay Leno‘s “The Tonight Show,” First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that her husband sings to her “all the time.”

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President Barack Obama showed the world that he is musically inclined, when he coyly sang a few lines from Al Green’s romantic ballad “Let’s Stay Together” at a campaign event in January.  “That was completely spontaneous,” Mrs. Obama told Jay Leno during the interview.   “I didn’t even hear about it until it got on YouTube, but he does have a beautiful voice, and he sings to me all the time.”

The First Lady, who admits she can’t sing, was caught on video last May busting a few moves at a middle school dance party.  She demonstrated without a bit of shyness that she can do the Dougie, Running Man and Cha-Cha with the best of them.

“Let’s Stay Together” is apparently one of Obama’s favorite songs according to the First Lady.  She also admitted that the president seems to prefer the classic slow jams. “I knew when people said he sang, I thought I’ll bet he sang Al Green,” Mrs. Obama said. “He sings a lot of Al Green, Marvin Gay, a little Stevie. He likes the classics.”

On the flip side, while Mrs. Obama doesn’t mind having her husband serenade her, the children feel differently.  Malia and Sasha aren’t big fans of their dad’s crooning and are big believers in the adage “silence is golden.”  “Anything we do is highly embarrassing. They just want us to be very quiet, very quiet,” Mrs. Obama said.

As for the Mitt Romney‘s rendition of “America the Beautiful,”  the First Lady tactfully said, “It’s beautiful! It is America’s song, and it’s a song that’s meant to be sung by every American.”


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