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South African citizens are in a panic after free condoms handed out during the African National Congress political party’s 100-year anniversary celebration were found to be defective as reported by the Associated Press.

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Activist Sello Mokhalipi of the Treatment Action Campaign, an organization that advocates for people with HIV/AIDS, said that complaints of the condoms and their defects have been reported.

We had people flocking in, coming to report that the condoms had burst while they were having sex, said Mokhalipi.

In the judicial capital province of Free State, health department spokesperson Jabu Mbalula said that his department recalled all 1,350,000 condoms but urged that there was no need for alarm –although he was unable to quote a direct number of used or recovered condoms.

Mr. Mokhalipi also added that some of the users who complained of the defective and reportedly porous condoms were infected with AIDS and concerned that they may have infected their partners.

We want the department to go out and tell people about these faulty condoms, Mokhalipi said. How can they say people should not panic if there are still clearly people out there in possession of these condoms?

In 2007, 20-million defective condoms were recalled by the government, and the following year, 5-million condoms had to be taken off the market due to faulty manufacturing. In 2009, a reported 5.6-million people were living with AIDS and HIV in South Africa, an infection rate that is more than any other country.


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