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In a country where Black men face their highest unemployment rates since 1972, Black men are finding it tough to cope with the idea of not being able to not only provide for themselves, but their families as well.

Even as the economy improved last month, the percentage of black males over 20 who are currently employed dropped slightly to 56.9, while the white figure is 68.1 percent.

TheGrio recently wrote an article providing their top 10 tips for Black males to survive the “Mancession.”

Below are 2 and click out for the rest.

1) Stay Positive — It is a fact that when we concentrate too much on the negative aspect of a problem the problem seems to prolong itself. Regardless of the situation it is important to stay positive and concentrate on the solution. According to a Georgia Institute of Technology study, people tend to have more success during a downtime if they are optimistic and view their current situation as an opportunity to improve themselves and their position in life. Instead of worrying about things that are out of your control, keep your focus on the things that you can change to better your situation. Last month 244,000 new jobs were added to the economy, do the necessary due diligence to figure out how you can obtain just one!

2) Get Your Financial Life in Order — Just because things aren’t going as well as you may like them to, doesn’t mean that you should let things get out of control. It is imperative that you create a budget and reduce your debt. Get rid of any unnecessary expenses and know the difference between your needs and your wants. Don’t give permanent energy to temporary things. Even if you have to make certain sacrifices you shouldn’t let that bring you down; just understand that it is a small price to pay to get your life back in order.

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Black men hit harder by unemployment