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After a few days – 30 hours total – of deliberation, a Florida jury  found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted murder and…


At 4pm ET today, a guilty verdict in the case against Michael Jackson’s doctor, was read. The family of Michael Jackson was in the courtroom when the verdict was read. Deliberations began on Friday for the seven-man, five-women panel. They didn’t meet over the weekend, but had to unanimous on their decision to either convict […]

Photo: Getty Images Exclusive footage of Amanda Knox has been released featuring the early stages of her long journey home from Italy after the verdict in her sex murder case trial was delivered yesterday afternoon. Knox was found not guilty this week and faced a 26-year prison sentence had she been convicted. Watch as Amanda […]

Two judges and six jurors in the Amanda Knox murder case have just reached their verdict in what was to become one of this year’s biggest cases. As of 3:30PM EST, the verdict was announced and Amanda Knox has been found not guilty. American-born Knox, 24, was freed as the appeal court overturned the murder […]


It’s the trial that’s been on the top of everyone’s “must see” list for most of the summer so far and today, a Florida jury has reached what some consider a shocking verdict with Casey Anthony being found not guilty of murder. Watch the breaking news clips below featuring highlights from the tumultuous and emotional […]


Prosecutors are struggling to decide if Ryan Widmer will head to court for a third trial after this week's deliberations resulted in a hung jury. Is really going to go free this time around? Tell us what you think of the reports available inside now.