LONDON (AP) — The loose-knit hacking movement “Anonymous” claimed Sunday to have stolen thousands of credit card numbers and other personal information belonging to clients of U.S.-based security think tank Stratfor. One hacker said the goal was to pilfer funds from individuals’ accounts to give away as Christmas donations, and some victims confirmed unauthorized transactions […]

In the 1980s, crack cocaine flowed through America’s inner cities in a rampant rush of enterprise and despair. As this lucrative drug trade exploded, addicts and authorities alike sought out dealers ready to capitalize. RELATED: Zuckerberg Has Grown-Up Plans For Facebook Suddenly the pager — a device developed nearly 40 years ago to quiet the […]

—– This month, NewsOne presents a special exploration of Black Americans’ influence on social media, #TWEETING WHILE BLACK. —– Navarrow Wright has a mission. “It’s easier to become an entrepreneur than it is to be a rapper,” he often tells people. SEE ALSO: INFOGRAPHIC: A History Of Black Twitter Wright, the chief technical officer of […]

Gene Marks, a contributor to Forbes Magazine has written an article entitled “If I Were A Poor Black Kid.” The premise of the article is that despite economic and racial inequalities, education and  technology is the new equalizer. Marks states that if he were a poor Black kid, he would utilize technology and attempt to […] is reporting that rapper Ludacris is launching a new website for kids to learn academic and social skills, : Also See: All Eight Sandusky Accusers To Testify “The site touches on subjects like, the rewards of hard work and importance of learning manners as well as the idea that doing good deeds for […]

I was in the middle of my Sunday ritual of reading the tech sections of various publications when I came across a story on the New York Times website that discussed the level of effectiveness of classroom software as a means to improve leaning opportunities for youth across the company. I agree that this topic […]

U.S. Rep. James E. Clyburn believes that any plan to attack the debt and deficits will not work unless it includes ways to create jobs. And while the points of his message were worth hearing, it was the method he used that really caught my eye. Last week, he conducted a virtual town hall on […]

Twitter & Facebook seem to be working as more and more people head to the polls to vote on November 2nd.

Yes, I, too, was quite shocked at first when I read this headline. Well, on second thought, not so much shocked. More like confused as to the real reason why James Cameron’s epic 3-D sci-fi motion picture “AVATAR” was returning to movie theaters across the nation for a second time. Was the film really that […]

Not only will the Apple iPad compete with the Amazon Kindle as an e-reader, but because Apple's new tablet will run iPhone apps, it will compete with Kindle's software, too.