GAHANNA, Ohio —  An African-American mother and son were astonished after a History teacher at Chapelfield Elementary School held a mock slave auction,  dividing the class into “Slaves” and “Masters”. The class only had two black students in the class; one was assigned “Master”, and the other, Nikko Burton, was assigned “Slave”. Burton, 10, was […]

This is a plea to parents, teachers and any other adult who plays a role in a child’s life. In the past several weeks, there have various cases of young kids and teens committing suicide due to the constant bullying that they are experiencing at school

We can’t believe it… school is starting up again. And that means that the early-morning scramble is about to start.

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Updates on the cell phone video and altercation that had the nation up in arms earlier this school year.

When black students leave college with a bachelor’s degree, more of them also are leaving with debt greater than their white peers. Find out more inside.

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Ohio’s education system was ranked fifth in the nation. In 2008 Ohio ranked seventh, and sixth in 2009.