In his final day in the White House, President Barack Obama commutated sentences for 330 drug prisoners. The outgoing president has now issued 1,715 commutations.

President Barack Obama talked about hope once again during his final press conference Wednesday before leaving the White House amid growing fears about racial polarization and discrimination stemming from the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump,

What should we expect President Barack Obama to say during his farewell address in Chicago?

President Barack Obama granted clemency to 231 individuals Monday, according to The White House.

Will history judge Barack Obama as the most successful Commander-in-Chief?

Lisa Monaco, Homeland Security and counterterrorism adviser, on Friday announced the Obama administration's investigation of Russia's involvement in hacking the 2016 Election.

It only seems right that the legendary talk show host will nab the final interview with our FLOTUS. Oprah Winfrey has been a supporting and dominating force when it comes to the Obama family and helping President Barack Obama win two terms. According to the Los Angeles Times, “First Lady Michelle Obama Says Farewell to the […]

People on Twitter have been coming up with the best pranks for President Brack Obama to do to Donald Trump. As the two are coming closer to switching overpowers, the #WhiteHouseExitPranks has been trending for days now. We pick the best pranks we have seen so far for you to sit back and enjoy a […]

President Obama is being urged to make good on his promise to grant clemency to thousands of non-violent drug offenders serving life sentences in prison.