What you see above is a map of Detroit. The small colorful dots represent people, plotted to show where they live and their race. Whites are…

  Haven’t heard much talk about Father’s Day this year. Debates about what Dad would like, what size he might wear, what he could use…

TODAY ON THE LINCOLN WARE SHOW If you’ve been listening to the calls coming in today on The Lincoln Ware Show, then you already know that some callers are highly upset and outraged by the recent passing of the local “loud noise” ordinance that impacts the operations and future business deals surrounding the familiar establishment […]

Beyonce Knowles just ended a legal war with a guy who claimed the singer "invaded his neighborhood" for a video shoot.

A local 13-year-old girl has been reported missing since Sunday. Story available inside.

This afternoon, many of us across the city of Cincinnati are now rejoicing for a successful start to our National Day of Prayer. The sun was shining on the front steps of Cincinnati City Hall and other central locations where community leaders, pastors and clergymen, neighbors, residents and media stood at high noon as we […]