If you’ve been listening to the calls coming in today on The Lincoln Ware Show, then you already know that some callers are highly upset and outraged by the recent passing of the local “loud noise” ordinance that impacts the operations and future business deals surrounding the familiar establishment we know as the Fun Factory.

The Sherman Avenue roller skating rink overtime has become one of the only outlets the Greater Cincinnati area has for both young adults and mature audiences to come together multiple times a week for local charity events, birthday parties, skating marathons and other major skating events. So what’s the fuss all about?

Being that the Fun Factory reportedly attracts more African American patrons, some of the Norwood neighborhood residents have begun to file complaints about the roller skating rink being open too late. There have also been issues with the age bracket of the Fun Factory’s adult guests who residents claim hang out in the parking lots causing disturbances long after an event ends.

Many deem this ordinance is unconstitutional, but how do you all feel? Did you know it had been passed? Do you feel the reasons behind the ordinance are of value? Is there more to this story?

How often do you frequent or utilize the Fun Factory’s services? Here’s what one caller today had to say to Lincoln Ware about the situation. The caller suggested local residents invest in a new area skating rink within the city center’s limits, but are we willing to do just that? Is it necessary? Will people support if it’s built in area’s like Lincoln Heights, bond Hill, Evanston, Westwood, etc.? Do you agree with the points being made? Let’s continue the ongoing conversations below on the message board.



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