Mason High School

The former Mason High School teacher, convicted of sex with students, is out of prison. Stacy Schuler was released yesterday, after serving one year of a 4 year sentence. She apologized to the court and victims, while asking for an early release. Click here to read more, or check out the video to see Schuler’s […]

The former Mason High School teacher convicted of having sex with students wants out of prison early. Stacy Schuler will be in court today, asking a judge for early release. She was convicted last year on having sexual encounters with five students at her home. Click here to read more. Recent Stories: Homeless Advocates Push […]

A Mason teenager will spend at least 6 months in a juvenile lockup for leading a massive marijuana ring. A Warren County judge sentenced the now 18 year-old Tyler Pagenstecher, yesterday, for drug trafficking charges. Prosecutors say he sold $20,000 in pot, a month, to fellow high school students. Recent Stories: Four Dead in Wisconsin […]

The alleged 17 year-old ringleader of a Warren County drug operation will face a judge later this month. Tyler Pagenstecher turned himself in yesterday to face charges of drug trafficking. Warren County prosecutors say the Mason student led a $3 million marijuana ring that sold the drug to Mason and Kings High School students. Click […]

A Mason High School student is accused of heading up a three million dollar marijuana ring. The Warren County drug task force says the teen was working with seven adults to peddle drugs to students at Mason and Kings High Schools. Police say they found thousands of dollars of marijuana in Blue Ash, Norwood, and […]

Two Mason High School teachers are off the job after being accused of inappropriate behavior. Mason officials say the pair quit yesterday: a week after they were placed on leave. The two were caught engaged in sexual behavior, but did not involve any students. A jury convicted former Mason teacher, Stacy Schuler last fall on […]

Guilty of 4 counts of sexual battery and sentenced to 4 years of prison, that was the verdict from Judge Robert Peeler, a Warren County Judge on Thursday. The former Mason High School teacher is accused of having sex with 5 different students on several occasions. In addition to the sexual battery charges, Schuler was […]