Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden will visit the Tri-State, as part of the post Democratic National Convention campaign swing. Biden will rally supporters, Sunday afternoon, at Milford High School. He will also travel to Eastern Ohio to make campaign stops. Tickets for the Milford visit are available at Obama campaign offices in Milford and New Richmond. […]

Looks like Joe Biden is at it again. This time, the Vice President is drawing rebukes with his “chain” remark. He sparked a campaign commotion,yesterday, telling black voters in Southern Virginia that Mitt Romney wanted to “pin” them, and “put them back in chains”, by deregulating Wall Street. Click here to read more, or check […]

President Barack Obama is feeling the pressure on the gay marriage issue.   Vice-President Joe Biden is supporting gay marriage and so is the Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan  and now people want to know where our president stands on the issue. Read more here:

When Maya Rudolph was guest-hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, viewers were expecting a return of the actress spoofing Michelle Obama. On Saturday night, Maya delivered just that as she was part of the “Cosby Show” sketch. included Barack’s family, his secret service agents, and Joe Jamal-Biden. The sketch was of “The Cosby Show”, but […]

WASHINGTON– Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that the country is evolving on the issue of gay marriage and he thinks it’s inevitable there will be national consensus. He said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” the same thing is happening with the issue of marriage that happened with gays’ service in the military. Changes in […]

Vice President Joe Biden urges you to fight for change y reminding everyone to go out and vote today! Check out his interview with Tom during the height of the midterm elections. RELATED STORIES: President Barack Obama Honors Veterans in South Korea Cincinnati’s Conversation with President Barack Obama Share your thoughts with us here at […]