Tipton's ex-teammate, Matt Overton, told ESPN Tipton was a "talented, hardworking player," who had an infectious personality.

Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, threw for 376 yards to help Indianapolis surpass the Bengals, 26-10. Bengals running back Jeremy Hill and kicker Mike Nugent scored the only points for Cincinnati. Andy Dalton completed 18 of 35 passes for 151 yards. While the Bengals season is over, the Colts will travel to Denver this weekend to […]

It was announced this morning that Indianapolis offensive coordinator Bruce Arians will be the next coach of the Arizona Cardinals. That means the Cardinals, in addition to Philadelphia, Kansas City, Cleveland, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Chicago, and San Diego have filled all of their head coaching vacancies. Eight out of the 30 teams, in the NFL, did […]

Considering the changes a team might face with a new coach, the Colts have had a smooth transition. When Tony Dungy retired, Caldwell brought along a host of characteristics and principles that were similar to those of his former boss.