This is not only a call to action for Radio One employees, but also for the listeners within each local community.

Franklin reports that she will be reviewing the script next week, putting the film another step closer to production.

Roslyn M. Brock’s election as chairman of the NAACP is being hailed by the civil rights organization as a “generational shift” in leadership.

The NAACP recently elected their youngest Board Chairman Roslyn M. Brock. Read her story here.

The 2010 mid-term election cycle is seeing a new wave of black republicans running for office.

Shani Davis has taken the 2010 Winter Olympics by storm. If you didn't know who he was before, now you do. Get to know the Winter Olympics phenom here.

Tyler Perry is by all means, a Renaissance man. He's an actor, director, screenwriter, producer and author. Read his rags-to-riches American success story. Watch video of his account of fame and success.

After becoming the first man to successfully defend his title in the event, Davis held an American flag to his chest, a gesture rich in symbolism.

Have you ever had an invasive surgery and had to be stitched up afterward? There are so many complications that can happen from surgery, that Tony Hansberry a student at the Darnell Cookman School of Medical Arts has invented on way to make it a little more comfortable. Read his story here.

Dr. Bernard Harris Jr. was the first African American to walk on the moon, and now he wants to give back with his love for science. Read about the extraordinary free summer camps that Dr. Harris is providing for disadvantaged children.

Roaming the streets with his drug-addicted parents, it never occurred to young Bill Schuffenhauer that he might someday compete in the Olympics.

At 26 years old, Joshua Dubois has found himself very close to the President.