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3/31/17- Find out who the Celebrity Snitch crowned as this week’s Bamma. Listen below! Do you agree?

3/30/17- Can Donald Trump get any lower? The Celebrity Snitch has the proof. Listen below.

3/29/17- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch is upset when you listen to today’s segment. Do you agree?

3/28/17- Why does the Celebrity Snitch have the Cruise Blues? Find out below.

03/27/17 –  Comedian Chris Paul has a message for President Donald Trump after the huge healthcare debacle. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

03/27/17 – Huggy Lowdown has so many things he wants to talk about! Take a listen to see EVERYTHING he covered. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

3/24/17- Who did the Celebrity Snitch crown as this week’s Bamma? Click the link below to hear. This one might shock you.  

03/23/17 – Huggy Lowdown is a proponent of cussing. Find out why after you listen! Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

3/22/17- What are the guys talking about in the barber shop these days? The Celebrity Snitch reveals all about Lying Larry and the chicken specialist in New Jersey. Listen below.  

3/21/17- Need even more reason why 45 should be impeached? The Celebrity Snitch gives you plenty more. Listen below to hear why he says it’s time to spring clean the White House.

03/20/17 – Huggy Lowdown is overwhelmed by the big chicken. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

03/17/17 – Bow Wow you are the “Bamma Of The Week”! Find out why above. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.