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Dear God: Thank you for the family you chose for me, the situations, circumstances and events you have ordained for my life. No matter what…

STEPHANIE ROBINSON SPEAKS Weekly political commentator Stephanie Robinson checks in on the Tom Joyner Morning show with today’s special commentary about love and hope just in time for the holiday season. Let us know what you think and in case you missed it, let us know if you want to hear more. JOIN OUR 1230AM […]


Impossible? I think not, come in and have a look!


What would you do if you had only 24 hours to live? What would you be grateful for? What would you say to those you had hurt? Could you forgive the people who had hurt you? How would you define your legacy?

The students and faculty of HOPE Christian School in Milwaukee made a video to inspire and motivate other students. Check it out!


In a court of law, evidence can mean the difference between prison and freedom, life and death. In the spirit realm, faith is the evidence that guarantees the promises of God.


Some lives slip through the cracks, people who you might pass everyday without giving a second thought. Precious is one of those people.