Talk about surprise!  Kathy Lee Gifford spilled the beans today that her Today co-host Hoda Kotb is now a mother!  Hoda is 52 years old and expressed during the announcement that she thought she would never get to be a mother and is so over joyed!  She adopted a baby girl that was born […]


Watch the nine-year-old girl who’s running rings around older boys as a star football player, Sam Gordon, 9, has become one of the fastest children in her local football league just a year after she started playing A video of her game highlights posted online has gone viral Weighing not even 60 pounds, she fearlessly […]


Laila Ali, daughter to Muhammad Ali, has announced she is pregnant. Check out details of her expectant bundle of joy inside now.


A local 13-year-old girl has been reported missing since Sunday. Story available inside.