An Illinois judge is allowing a group of teens to sue Empire for filming the show in the juvenile prison they reside in. According to The Hollywood Reporter, U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve refused to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit against the hit Fox drama for the taping of the show in the […]

David and Tamela Mann were in the morning show studio hanging out with Erica Campbell and GRIFF! Tamela talks about the fact that David is a constantly a prankster, and sometimes, he goes too far. He recalls a prank that went wrong, when he made it look like he was going arrested, and had to […]

In Texas, it may soon be wise to put away your phone or recording devices when around police, unless you’re willing to risk arrest. It…

Actor Charlie Sheen has come clean about an alleged use of drugs throughout his film career. Sheen said in a recent Sports Illustrated interview that his role in the 1989 hit comedy Major League was indeed enhanced with the help of steroids. Photo: Getty Images According to Sheen, this was the only time he’d ever […]