The Village Voice has a good article on the reasons for lack of Black firefighters in New York City and the requirement test necessary to become a firefighter: “There‚Äôs no question that there is something very wrong with how the FDNY adds new employees. For nearly 40 years, various courts have issued injunctions to correct […]

Last week, Lebron James responded to a number of racist Twitter messages he received. He reluctantly conceded that race is perhaps the reason many are rooting against him.

VIA: MadameNoire and WSBTV.com Michelle Fonville stepped into Natural Nails in DeKalb County (GA) last week for a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow arch. She was surprised to find out that the cost was $5 more than what it should have been – and more surprised when she found out why. Fonville says the manager of […]

The major corporation is headed into a class action lawsuit today. Find out why and who's taking them to court by reading more inside.